Harriet Caslin designs and makes porcelain lighting and tableware from her studio on Mersea Island off of the Essex coast.

Her approach to design is inspired by Scandinavian aesthetics from her own family roots, focusing on simple form, linear patterned design and soft contrasting colours to invite a tactile approach to her products and to appeal to the users senses. You can read a little bit more about how it all started here.

“For as long as I have been making, I have had a fascination with the repetition and alignment of line, and will keep coming back to line as a source of inspiration time and time again, as well as 60’s Op-art and Midcentury design. A lot of my designs start on the computer, I can get immersed in this process of repeating, adjusting and aligning simple shapes over again to create different patterns. I find the process meditative and love the moment when I zoom out and see a beautiful fluid pattern, similar to a spirograph. 


“My designs are then transformed into 3D either using a laser cutter or by hand turning the form on the plaster lathe, which I make plaster moulds from to cast ceramic lighting and tableware. I like the idea that my clean digital designs and models are then softened by the inclusion of working by hand, giving each piece it’s own unique little quirk. 

The linear aesthetic and soft glazes of my products  always invite a tactile approach from the user. I love the idea of someone using one of my products and enjoying these details; how comfortable the cup feels in your hands when drinking tea, how the porcelain light completely transforms when it's switched on. To me this is what creates an enduring and enjoyable relationship between the owner and the functional objects that they use everyday.”

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