lathed small jug

lathed small jug


Handmade porcelain jug with a unique linear detail. Large base and sturdy handle allows for a functional pitcher or decorative jug, and can hold approximately 1.5 litres of liquid. The layered design creates a beautiful fluid linear detail on the inside, finished with a super soft satin matte glaze making it very tactile to touch.

Some variants in colour may occur in the surface of the bowl since every aspect is handmade and applied, from the production of the clay and glaze to the application and finish of the glaze.

All items are dishwasher safe but care is advised when handling this handmade item.

Material: Porcelain.

Dimensions: 13.5m (height) x 14.5cm (diameter), 3 litres (volume)

Available in white, grey, green, peach and rose

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